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Seer Varisai Thattu Arrangement Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for Seer Thattu Arrangement
Tips and Tricks for Seer Thattu Arrangement

When we think of wedding ceremony, the most important thing that comes to everyone’s mind is the Seer Varisai Thattu. It is the huge task for the Bride’s family to make it. Here in this article I am going to explain you few important tips and tricks that must be followed while at the time of arranging Seer Varisai Thattu or Seer Varisai Plates.

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Tips and Tricks for Seer Varisai Thattu Arrangement

  1. First you need to make sure that the basket or plates should be deep to fit the item that we keep in it. So that we can put a cello paper over the top to cover each plates or baskets. To make the thattu looks glossy we use Cello paper on it.
  2. You need to remember the quantity, size and rate for each of the commodity which you buy. So that we can plan according for arranging and fitting position in every baskets or plates.
  3. You need to maintain a single them to your complete Seer Varisai set. All the baskets or plates should be of same pattern to cover the audience in the ceremony.
  4. Search and buy the baskets that attract others. You can find Decorated baskets available in the market place. You can add some enhancements to make it a great way.
  5. When arranging the dry fruits in the plates, you can combine them in to one single basket and fill it with equal partitions.
  6. When you are placing chocolates as in one plate, buy some big packs to give a great patterned arrangement.
  7. Use double tape below each fruits to make the fruits stand in the basket or plates. This prevents the fruits from staggering while carrying.
  8. Gold color is an enhancer. So try to keep Gold tagged along with another color to give a awesome look at the plates.
  9. Look around the designs in Jewellery and sarees for better ideas on how should be the Seer Varisai plates.
  10. The last one is prepare your budget for the arrangements. You will be satisfied with the whole.

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